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KRAKsat Team

We are a group of students of University of Science and Technology and Jagiellonian University. Although we prefer different fields of study and interest, the passion for space gathers us in INTEGRA Student Scientific Association.

Two years ago we decided to launch a scientific satellite into the orbit.

Instead of watching ,, Big Bang Theory” we started browsing the Internet and electronic shops so eagerly, that we came to know their content better then our own wardrobes. Also the university night watchman knows us by names, because we spend more time in laboratory than at home. We put so much of our skills, knowledge and time into this project that we don’t even think of giving up until the satellite is ready.

Are we visionaries or lunatic? Get to know us and choose by yourself!

Jan Życzkowski

team leader, experimental setup, automatics

Dominik Markowski

system's engineer, programmer

Piotr Mikołajek


Artur Hadasz

elektronics, stabilization system

Krzysztof Szewczyk


Jakub Piszczek


Kamil Serafin

elektronics, PR

Alicja Kubera


Piotr Ziębiński


Mariusz Borkowski


Natalia Przech

material expert

Rafał Janiczak

material expert

Hubert Milczarek


Maciej Aleksandrowicz


Bartosz Postulka

system integration
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