Our CanSat

We want to build a planetary probe. We aim to collect data about various parameters, during the flight, the fall and the landing. We want to find out if a human could survive on this planet and how dangerous it would be.

Primarily, we wish to measure the level of ionizing radiation, which is dangerous for human beings. We are going to conduct measurements of the levels of cosmic gamma and beta radiation, high in the atmosphere as well as on the ground.  Radiation level data is necessary to construct a proper shield against the particles; it may also help determine if life can exist on this planet.

We are planning to use STS-5 Geiger tubes. We have chosen them due to their good sensitivity. To obtain good measurement statistics during the flight we will use seven Geiger tubes. Humidity level measurements allow to determine amount of water available in the atmosphere for astronauts and plants in the future missions.

Some visualizations of our CanSat: