Our logo’s origins

Our logo features a dragon. It is one of the symbols of Kraków – the Dragon of Wawel Hill. A legend tells its story…

 When Krakow was still ruled by the legendary king Krak, an evil dragon made its lair in a cave below the Wawel Hill. It demanded that a tribute of livestock be made to him every week – and if the citizens don’t comply, it’d eat the people themselves. To solve the issue, Krak promised the daring man who would defeat the monster his daughter’s hand in marriage.

 Many a courageous knight battled the dragon, but none succeeded. One day a young shoemaker, Dratewka, attempted a trick to beat the dragon. Since he was unable to fight it directly, he stuffed a lamb’s skin with sulfur and given the dragon to eat.

 The dragon devoured the trap and immediately felt incredibly thirsty, his throat burning. It started drinking from the nearby Vistula River; it drank and drank, and after drinking half the river exploded.

Wawel Dragon

Wawel Dragon drawing from the 16th century